Follow your nose…

When something doesn’t seem right, or feels a little different, what do you do? we have talked about it before and the answer is : Take action immediately or else…. It simply might come back and bite you with a revenge. And today, the example we have to illustrate this, is rather self explanatory. Over […]

The solar panel marathon.

After work last night, I ran over to the marina with the solar panel and the adjusted cover. As *V* had worked nonstop to achieve that feast to have it on time, before I left. Arriving around 9.30pm the atmosphere was not the usual week day, the festivity were going full blast. A boat was […]

Time to read and relax.

Once on board, there is not much escape other than a good book that will help dream some more! It is also another reason to sit back and relax (really!). Reading has always been a favourite of ours, and undoubtedly I let myself travel with this couple to the South Pacific. Gordon Cope shares with […]