The reward after the effort.

All these months of hard work are finally paying off, and today as we were able to escape real life, we were rewarded with a couple of  incredible day in paradise. With an early lift off we were at our favourite anchorage at noon! We couldn’t sail with only 2-5 knots on a close haul so the engines were mostly on… but once in a while it is part of compromise!

Before we left I stopped by our mail box and picked up the three Christmas presents. Well, at least it felt like this for *V* when she was opening it up… look at those beauty, they take almost no space and with these we have more pots and pans to choose from! Magma Nestable Stainless Steel Cookware (Set of 10) Much better than all our mix and match we currently use! In the background no doubt you recognise an 8/2 tinned wired and a MPPT for the solar setup.

So with the help of our trusted Yanmar we motor sailed on an “oil surface” like sea, it was incredibly beautiful the reflection of the boat on the water such as a mirror for it is quite rare in our area. The dolphins came for a visit and *V* finally was here to see it, though with the engines on they didn’t come to our bow. Everybody relaxed, lots of  reading, good laughs, nice long walks on the beach and in the woods! The boys even swam and jumped as *B* is working hard at improving  his dives off the deck,  in rather frigid water!

For the rest? Well, here are some pictures for your eyes only!


Yes relaxing and peaceful, and this note is to all our friend on the hard or stuck at work. We have had a sincere thought for you and raised our glass. Wishing you a quick exit to the sea. Hard to escape from one Island to another but I will not default on my new year resolution now. 148th Island will be Midway island.


Midway is a 2.4-square-mile (6.2-km²) atoll in the North Pacific Ocean, near the north-western end of the Hawaiian archipelago, about a third of the way between Honolulu, Hawaii, and Tokyo, Japan. Uniquely among the Hawaiian islands, Midway observes UTC-11 (also known as Samoa Time), eleven hours behind Coordinated Universal Time and one hour behind the state of Hawai?i. Midway Atoll is an unorganized, unincorporated territory of the United States, and the former home of the Midway Naval Air Station (former ICAO PMDY). It is less than 140 nautical miles (259 km; 161 mi) east of the International Date Line, about 2,800 nautical miles (5,200 km; 3,200 mi) west of San Francisco, and 2,200 nautical miles (4,100 km; 2,500 mi) east of Tokyo. It consists of a ring-shaped barrier reef and several sand islets. The two significant pieces of land, Sand Island and Eastern Island, are habitat for millions of seabirds.

According to other sources, Sand Island measures 1,250 acres (5.1 km2) in area and the lagoon within the fringing rim of coral reef 9,900 acres (4,000 ha). The atoll, which has a small population (approximately 60 in 2009, but no indigenous inhabitants), is designated an insular area under the authority of the U.S. Department of the Interior. The Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge, encompassing 590,991.50 acres (239,165.77 ha) of land and water (mostly water) in the surrounding area, is administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). The visitor program reopened in January 2008 and there are facilities for visitors. Travel to the Atoll is possible through organized tour companies or as a FWS volunteer. The tours focus on the ecology of Midway and the military history. The economy is derived solely from governmental sources and tourist fees. All food and manufactured goods are imported. The refuge and most of its surrounding area are part of the larger Papah?naumoku?kea Marine National Monument.

Midway, as its name suggests, lies nearly halfway between North America and Asia, and almost halfway around the world from Greenwich, England. For statistical purposes, Midway is grouped as one of the United States Minor Outlying Islands.

Midway was the focus point of the Battle of Midway, one of the most important naval battles of the Pacific Campaign in World War II, fought on June 4–6, 1942. Nearby the islands, the United States Navy defeated a Japanese attack against the Midway Islands, marking a turning-point in the war in the Pacific Theater.