Let’s not get too comfortable and forget our habits!

In between all these exciting times, we finally squeezed a trip to the boat. And as I had promised not to work on the beast during our last week cruise (promise which I kept by the way) my restrain has its limit and I had a water purifier to fit in.

A water purifier you may wonder? Considering all the cleaning we had done in our water tanks in the last month the water was still not so clean, and drinking it was out of the question! A taste of strong plastic is remaining, and we do not wish to keep buying water bottle as it is not helping the environment… Re-use, Reduce and Recycle! In other words let us introduce you to The Britta on steroid, as I like to call it! We purchased it a while back and it was simply waiting for my complete devotion for install. As always something was missing and the supplied fittings didn’t fit which led to a trip to my favorite local hardware store and multiple tests found the right solution. I can feel your cheecky smile! “Only one trip?” you are thinking. Well, of course I had every piece of the puzzle in hand and the ability to test every part on site. Tricked you!

Who says I don’t learn from the past mistake!!!

The grey tubing was put back the normal way not to worry.

The install was fairly simple, and after only little swearing, unpacking every tool onboard under the vigilant eye of *V*, two hours had passed rather quickly. We now officially have some sweet clean water to drink. Unfortunately I discovered a small leak on the T which can wait for next time. This should be my last project under the sink, no more room to put another faucet on top or a 2 week training will be needed before you can use it.

For our next island, we are taking you to a settlement area since Mesolithic times, Bled.Located in North West Slovenia, it was first mentioned as Ueldes (Veldes) within the March of Carniola on April 10, 1004, when it was awarded by Emperor Henry II to Bishop Albuin I of Brixen. Bled Castle was first mentioned in a 22 May 1011 deed in which Henry II donated it to Albuin’s successor, Bishop Adalberon of Brixen. With Carniola, Bled was ceded to Rudolph of Habsburg after he defeated King Ottokar II of Bohemia at the Battle on the Marchfeld in 1278. From 1364 until 1919, Bled (Veldes) was part of the Duchy of Carniola, except for a stint between 1809 and 1816 as one of the Napoleonic
Illyrian Provinces

After the dissolution of Austria-Hungary in 1918, Bled came under the rule of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and became a summer domicile of the ruling House of Kara?or?evi?, a tradition that President Josip Broz Tito continued, when he built his residence here in 1947. Bled became an independent municipality in 1996. In 2000, Bled became the home of IEDC-Bled School of Management.

This will be our 122nd island a symbol of purity in the middle of all this water.