Miracle, I cured my fear of height, well under adrenaline rush…

Today is the start of a new era, or maybe when you are on a mission you don’t care about the obstacles? I would be in favour of the second option.

Yes this is what $500 buys you, in a LED shop. We received our bulbs today and completed the conversion project. The inside is fairly straight forward, just the tube type appliance where you need to dremel a little bit the metal to fit the fixture. For the rest a simple plug and play.

On the other side the outside one, required a trip up the mast for two of them. *V* went as usual, her fourth and in no time had the steaming light changed, although the anchor light was giving her hard time, too tight and we couldn’t see where that little screw was? In the blink of an eye , without thinking twice or allowing me to even think about it, I generously offered to go up and fix it. Now that is without saying that my main issue here is…. I don’t deal too well with height, which seems such a paradox as I used to fly! But such is Mother Nature, it doesn’t have to be logical all the time and needless to add we were on a mission plus time was running out fast!

Harness in and up I went, with *V* at the winch and observing every single of my move, surprisingly I enjoyed being up there and even dared looking down a few times. The anchor light got changed which took me a few minutes, no major break down and I was back on deck in  a pinch! I must admit I am still amazed at this, it is incredible what a boat makes you do. Thank you Letitgo for helping me, and *V* for your patience, first time up but not the last, I loved it.

The rest of the day was a lot more subdued and mellow, nevertheless rewarding, and quite easy to install with the right tools. I was able to add two soap dispensers in no time and in style. Note for future and regular our guests : the one on the right is dish soap, the other hand soap. As soon as I was done, *V* pointed out :”What about the bathrooms?” so Yes, you guessed it we already bought two new sets, and it will be installed soon…. These are not my ideas they come from Buddy’s videos on Indigo moon, wouldn’t keep me busy for a while.

So now, what will be the next step in conquering the fear of height? This will be our 103rd and a bonus 104th Let’s watch this video for inspiration, what would be the hardest the climb or the ability? Both would be the response in my case.