Just away for a short while: Gone on a fairly short cruise in the air!

Sorry for the silence in the last few days, but there is a good reason! Indeed, *V and I* are flying to go surprise my Dad’s 70th birthday and in order to keep it really secret we have to remain silent from the blog!!!

It is also a pretty cool excuse to take some well deserved time off away from our busy schedules and share this very special time with our family. We are writing this from the airport waiting for our flight on Thursday. We will be relaxing for two days in Paris and reliving our youth. Staying just a few blocks from where we used to live just 20 years ago, this was where we also started our lives as a young couple and became parents for the first time! We will walk along the of Nostalgia and celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary but primarily messing around with our parents mind… haha we have to keep them young after all! And of course as you may have guessed, we will be looking for hard to find parts for the comfort of our Letitgo…

Happy birthday Daddy

Of course Mum will say she knew we were coming!

Nice try though Mum!…

*E* just for you, you will be happy to see no post on maintenance, but a bit of “adventure” if we can qualify air travel as such. Enjoy the freedom of your week away from the parents darling children!