First trip with the family.

Life is back on “track”, we catch-up with work. It’s time for the next couple of days, to go on a small cruise with V parents. First time we take somebody on an overnight trip. The weather seen to be willing to cooperate and we shall have a pleasant sail.

We haven’t seen the boat for nearly 2 weeks, and are excited. So after a quick shift at work, we will make our way to Letitgo for the night before a mid morning departure. All the hard work should pay off and we will enjoy the relaxation. I promise not to work on the boat for the next couple of days, even if I am tempted to install our water filter. But I pledge to just relax enjoy the moment and not think of the future. Not that easy for a Type A.

Sorry for the short post, but time is precious. We need to entertain.

Island 119th will be The Andaman Islands a group of Indian Ocean archipelagic islands in the Bay of Bengal between India to the west and Burma (also known as Myanmar) to the north and east. Most of the islands are part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Union Territory of India while a small number at the north of the archipelago belong to Burma.

In 1789 the government of Bengal established a naval base and penal colony on Chatham Island in the southeast bay of Great Andaman. The settlement is now known as Port Blair (after the Bombay Marine lieutenant Archibald Blair who founded it). After two years, the colony was moved to the northeast part of Great Andaman and was named Port Cornwallis after Admiral William Cornwallis. However, there was much disease and death in the penal colony and the government ceased operating it in May 1796.

In 1824 Port Cornwallis was the rendezvous of the fleet carrying the army to the First Burmese War. In the 1830s and 1840s, shipwrecked crews who landed on the Andamans were often attacked and killed by the natives, alarming the British government. In 1855, the government proposed another settlement on the islands, including a convict establishment, but the Indian Rebellion of 1857 forced a delay in its construction. However, since the rebellion gave the British so many prisoners, it made the new Andaman settlement and prison an urgent necessity. Construction began in November 1857 at Port Blair using inmates’ labor, avoiding the vicinity of a salt swamp that seemed to have been the source of many of the earlier problems at Port Cornwallis.

In 1867, the ship Nineveh wrecked on the reef of North Sentinel Island. The 86 survivors reached the beach in the ship’s boats. On the 3rd day, they were attacked with iron-tipped spears by naked islanders. One person from the ship escaped in a boat.

For some time sickness and mortality were high, but swamp reclamation and extensive forest clearance continued. The Andaman colony acquired notoriety following the murder of the Viceroy Richard Southwell Bourke, 6th Earl of Mayo on a visit to the settlement (8 February 1872) by a Muslim convict, a Pathan from Afghanistan, Sher Ali. In the same year the two island groups, Andaman and Nicobar, were united under a chief commissioner residing at Port Blair.