First trip with the family.

Life is back on “track”, we catch-up with work. It’s time for the next couple of days, to go on a small cruise with V parents. First time we take somebody on an overnight trip. The weather seen to be willing to cooperate and we shall have a pleasant sail. We haven’t seen the boat […]

A few more pictures.

Just because we are back, doesn’t mean we have forgotten last week. We will post just a few more pictures, just to share this beautiful city Paris. We really enjoyed it while we lived there as a young couple and again this time around. At this moment we feel slightly overdosed with croissants and pains […]

The last few days…

What a week, it was nice to see everybody after such a long time. We rediscovered the beauty of France and its food. We ate enough Foie gras for the next two years, drunk enough champagne for a few weeks and seen the old world history to refresh our memory bank, and fill up everything […]