On a sunny afternoon, the de-naming ceremony.

When you have time on your hand, you only get into trouble. And it all started with an innocent : “*V* Shall I start to  remove the old lettering, it’s nice and sunny out?” “Sure, why not!”

We had been waiting for some warmer temperature, and nice weather to perform this very symbolic task. And all of a sudden we are in the midst of a de-naming process. Wait a minute, we need friends to witness it, we must do it properly. *R* and *S* were here ready to leave for the week-end, a perfect excuse for beer and pretzel. We gave thanks, and used the Almond flavour sparkling wine that the previous owner had left behind onboard. We were not going to drink that one, that was a given! Neptune had a good drink and may be diabetic by now.

After a bit more cleaning, we were ready for the next lettering. How can we leave on Sunday without a name on the boat? The Coast guards may not like that, and just like *R* said how are you going to call on the radio now?

We are efficient and ready in no time, we officially became Letitgo for the rest of the world. No more exotic Newport Beach and good vibration Bye Bye. The name was erased from the log, the trip counter was rest at zero. From now on, every miles are ours under our keel! A fresh start, and welcome to our family Letitgo, we just can’t wait to move onboard and start our new life!

Sunday night will be the naming ceremony, you are all invited. We will anchor to the bottom right of the island, you are all welcome onboard. Some of you wonder how this name came about? Well a couple of years ago, on one of our morning walk. We were dealing with the usual issues (teenagers and work), one word was coming back rather frequently.

Letitgo in the following context:  “Just Letitgo V? Why don’t you Letitgo *L*? Letitgo it’s just not worse the fight? Letitgo they will stop before we start again. We looked at each other, the name was right here. We will Letitgo of the last line, and not to worry we are reminded of let it go every day! Just don’t sweat the small stuff, life is meant to be enjoyed…

No Island today just two videos (still count has 95 and 96), to demonstrate to you what Letitgo can mean to music people, two very different style.

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  1. I love stories about the origin of boat names!


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