Nancy Erley twice around the world and happy to share her knowledge.

Every time we meet with circumnavigators we feel very fortunate, especially if they are willing to share their adventures with us! This week was one of those, we met  with Nancy Erley . With her two circumnavigations under the belt, she has not lost any of her great sense of humor, nor became a diva sailor!  Instead Nancy is convinced that sharing what she learned is primordial for all of us dreamers, she contributes with passion at a school, in divers seminars/webinars and within the boat show circuit.

During the evening Nancy gave our cruising group a talk on the 21st century captaincy, and what it entails. A great refresher for me/us, as it was quite a while since I had been on the university bench and some of concepts were a little rusty.  Although by chance “my Admiral” had reminded me over the week-end that communication is everything, and the main lesson is: During the storm stay together and bond, so we are ahead of the game, aren’t we!

Even if Nancy sails an ultra classic vessel, she still sees the modern comfort and upgrade as the future and stays open minded. Certainly a refreshing conversation to confirm a lot of what we read and some nice tips on local anchorages made for a great day. Now Nancy, we just need to take you out on a modern catamaran to erase that memory of the slapping from the old design!

Thank you for sharing a moment with our family, in the mean time see you on our local waters and may be we will leave at the same time for your third turn around!

Moorea is one of Nancy favourite anchorage and hospital experience, why don’t we travel to the warm and clear water of this high island in French Polynesia, part of the Society Islands, 17 km (roughly 9 mi) northwest of Tahiti. Moorea means “yellow lizard” in Tahitian. An older name for the island is Aimeho, sometimes spelled Aimeo or Eimeo (among other spellings misunderstood by early visitors with no knowledge of the language). Early Western colonists and voyagers also referred to Moorea as York Island.

Charles Darwin was inspired for his theory regarding the formation of coral atolls when looking down upon Moorea standing on a peak on Tahiti. He described it as a “picture in a frame,” referring to the barrier reef encircling the island. Don the Beachcomber lived here for some time until his houseboat was destroyed by tropical cyclones. The island was among those visited by the United States Exploring Expedition on its tour of the South Pacific in 1839.A group on French Polynesia’s Moorea island has succeeded in attracting about 100 people to attend a meeting of a purported new republic, called Hau Pakumotu in 2010.