Moving day and mechanical review for Racor Filter instalation.

We received word that our new marina slip was available for us to move into over the week-end. Weather hasn’t been cooperative in the last few days, so we decided that today was the day. A nice in and out to burn the condensation in the engine and we were back in. We docked in the new spot like if we had done it all our life! And Yes, it still surprises us….

We worked hard on trying to secure and not overload any cleat, the test will be sooner than later. Tomorrow we are expecting winds up to 60 knots. By the way, it is not a typo sixty knots, so you know who will make a run for the marina and check on the latest family member, the newbie owners that we are!!!! What did we forgot, what did we overlook, it’s going to be simple and quick to find out.

The visit today was an explorative nature too, installation of the Racor system is on the book. We have decided on the 500MA and wanted to ensure we have the right fuel hose size to purchase the right fitting.

My first instinct was that some strange combination of number and a search on the internet, would yield the secret code. Here is my first clue, in fact it’s a lot easier. You just have to wipe lightly the dirty hose and you will read on it that it’s 5/16. Why do we try to make thing more complicated that they are. It’s the left over from aviation, where everything is coded for the everyday Joe like me to not be able to access easily anything.

Ok bed time because it’s going to be an early wakeup call, we live high up and we will feel the wind coming. But again we could be at sea. Any taker?.


For Island 52nd why don’t we fly to MENORCA: The Windy Island Legend tells that the winds of Menorca modify the personality of people. Maybe that is the reason why those who came here once as tourists mostly return … 

Menorca certainly has a very strong personality, and a very different one to the rest of the islands. Menorca, the “minor” island, as it was called by Romans, has an almost virginal interior (compared for instance to the “major” island, Mallorca) and shows interesting remains of its old history.


I let you know tomorrow night if it’s the case for me.