On a rainy day we seek shelter, and become involuntary squatters!


Below some pics of the great luminosity we got today, so much vitamin D, sun and palm trees were “au rendez-vous”!

On this one you will find the pretty bikini! Oops no sorry! This is only me, with my Quite Sharp Hat!!

You can’t say you didn’t see me!

Just thinking about another day at anchorage with our 14year old in those conditions did not sound too appealing so promptly we took the decision to set off for another town. Anacortes was the early winner of our choice. All of a sudden, a nice stroll along town and window shopping sounded much more fun! Around noon, as we were approaching, we contacted the harbour master via VHF, and were informed that they didn’t have the contact for the marina. Meanwhile in our guides and books even around the marina it clearly stipulates that the harbour authority operates Cap Sante Boat Haven. We had read about the reciprocal docks then found ourselves a magnificent slip. Let me tell you, they don’t mess around 45 ft between each fingers, and cleats that can hold a mega yacht. On our way out to town we tried the office, but they were closed due to a meeting. The poster said to call 911 in case of emergency, our situation did not warrant a call of this sort, hence we have become squatter! Thank you City of Anacortes, we love your hospitality!

We couldn’t resist and did a little bit of shopping at The Marine supply established in 1913 company (a place full of treasures for the sailors) for some shackles, we even found boot socks! Yep it’s not the tropics yet. West marine of course was visited and we are happy to report that they are sponsoring your post of today.

Great product placement, courtesy of *B* Of course!

Island 75th could have been Majorca but we are on vacation, let’s relax.