The tools and knowledge we hope to never use.

An amazing paradox, when you really think about it. We are spending money and time, on something we hope to never use. Do we want to take the head off and replace the piston, not in my book? But on the flip side Murphy (‘s law) will come and bite us, if we don’t know, hence getting the knowledge and hoping not to use it!

The black box theory at its best, we are putting marble in it and hope that the day we really need it, they will be here for us to redeem. Meaning that all the preventive maintenance and knowledge we gain now, will avoid major catastrophe when we need it the most. Those pass in counter current of 8 knots, or the 50 knots wind stormy night may not the best time to loose something or another.

I know some of you may look at the expenses page and wondering :”What are they doing??” Well, let me share with you how we will lower our water line.

My past history of over torquing bolt and nuts is hopefully in my past ( to *V*’s despair!)  but just in case the extractor set will be useful. The tap and die will save the day when a thread is not clean. And the discovery of pipe wrench was an eye opener. And I finally broke up and bought a good calliper. My father should be proud, he tried for years to educate me on the use of the proper tools… to no available. Now I am starting to realize that a knife and a cheap pair of pliers is not the response to everything!… Yes, it takes time for some of us.

Let’s hope that all the “hard work” we put in the last four days will work and that I will be able to share the video of a purring engine tomorrow, suspense awaiting! And to keep you waiting why don’t we got to the island of Molokai, and relax at the bottom of the Papalaua Falls. One of the world’s tallest standing at 1200 Ft.