The jacklines are ready for deployment!

Sunshine and(+) a bit of time equals (=) Simple this is our favorite equation! A run to the boat. *V* was apprehensive, and had a tad under estimated the machine and her human ability to sew some nylon webbing. As usual in no time, she had found a way to make it happen and we have now on board, two 49 ft Jacklines ready for action if we need be.

The extra 10ft is just in case we buy a bigger boat next week! So we will be saving money by not having to get new one. ..I am sure somebody is going to jump on the 10 ft discrepancy, no need!

On my side, I started to investigate the backing for the cleat after the incident, we noticed a few weeks ago. To my surprise, it was on the light side for  my taste. So I provided *K*with the dimension and some scrap metal  may appear with the right hole in them. If you ever wondering for the lagoon 380 2007, the dimensions are around 8″ by 2.3″ for the plate with centered holes of .6″ spaced 3.15″ so, you will need 8 for all your cleats.

An incredible sight for the eye, those washers are what’s holding the cleat in place, but not to worry the 5200 will do the rest.

Now for the 27Th Island on this 1stFebruary, why don’t we go to sunny Sri Lanka? (Reminder to the reader: 312 islands divided by 12months is 26islands! So thankfully we are on target…. so far we have achieved 8.33% of our goal)

Known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka lies like a teardrop, falling from the tip of India’s South Coast. Once a little-known treasure, thousands of travellers stumbled upon the island by some ‘fortunate accident’ and so began to call Sri Lanka the Isle of Serendipity. Known for its white-sanded beaches and turquoise sea, its abundance of rare wild-life and rich foliage, its precious gem mines, its rolling hills carpeted with the best tea in the world, and its rich history and cultural heritage, Sri Lanka is a breath-taking get-away.

On another token, we will note that this island falls in our latitude parameter,  which also means no need for slippers. But not on the cruiser normal agenda!! I have to investigate why… (inquisitive mind!)