End of the month expense update and what it cost to have Marine written on a product.

As the tradition goes, we have tallied the expenses for the month and updated all our various files (under expenses tab). Most probably you will notice, that we are getting the boat ready for the summer and safe cruising. As a matter of fact, there are no major expenses but a lots of little ones making for a rather substantial amount! And damned… knowledge costs money, once you realize that you don’t have the tool to perform basic duty and keep the boat safe.

In retrospect I thought, we were ready when we did the trip to Mexico : We partially were, but a few things could have gone wrong and turned ugly. Like for example the fuel, we didn’t even have a spare filter on-board.

As they say, ignorance is bliss! You live and learn, and everything goes well. After all isn’t it the key in cruising : adaptability, we even do it on a daily basis in our business.

Now let’s talk about something I love, mark up on marketed marine or aviation product! I am sure you love it too, same product different label and you pay 3 times the price. Let’s take an example, an ingenious product that should be onboard every boat. Stayafloat putty, I have seen it two years ago and made some research, it look good and efficient at what it does. Please have a look at the test on Myboatsgear.com.

A couple of months back, I looked at purchasing some. Price 14oz $18.95, then I started looking into the actual materiel. It reminded me of something I had seen before. Touched it smelled it and compared it, and came to the conclusion that it was toilet ring materiel. If somebody can prove me wrong please do, but it’s pretty close.

So now, cost of 3 rings $3.69, recycled pot $0 mark-up 513%. I know we all need to make a buck, but not on my hard earn dollar sorry. If you have any other tips like this please send them my way. The same goes with the fitting with Racor filter same sort of percentage for a very generic product. Do they think we are rich because we own a boat?


Let’s go and visit an island that is at this time struggling to stay afloat financially but also physically. Dubai over the top fake island,  money more than sense tried to build. But such is life, I call it transfer of inheritance.