Seattle Boat Show this week-end!

The boat show season is on this week! And today we will be going around the exhibits looking at all the goodies. It is always a good learning tool, and a great way to ask questions directly to the professionals. We may be attending some lectures from famous cruisers? We will also be checking the water display although it might not bring so much interest on our side this year! Will keep you posted on our trip, and see you there then!…

No fear we will still have our 19th Island, Cephalonia. The Greek island is most famous as the setting of Louis De Berniere’s book Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and the film it inspired.

The capital of the Cephalonia prefecture is Argostoli. The size of the island is ca. 800 km2 (300 mi2), and the present population density is 55 people per km2 (140/mi2). The town of Argostoli has one-third of the island’s inhabitants. Lixouri is the second major settlement, and the two towns together account for almost two-thirds of the prefecture’s population.

Cephalonia is in the heart of an earthquake zone, and dozens of minor or unrecorded tremors occur each year. In 1953, a massive earthquake almost destroyed all settlement on the island, leaving only Fiscardo in the north untouched.

Among important natural features are the Melissani and the Drogarati caves.

It reminds me souvenir of my trip around the Cyclades, on one of those CaÏque. That was a few years back, but left memory for a life time.