Seattle boat show report and cruise RO water maker.

For late owls like us, it was a really early start of the day topped with only 4 hour sleep Sunday morning. Though very happily we met up *K* and *C* at the share ride parking lot en route to the Seattle boat show. At 9.45am we were at the entrance door, with a mini donut and a coffee on hand which certainly helped to renew our energy level. Needless to add the only unexpected part was the mass of people and the show ambiance. arrgh motor yachts and speed boats!

Our tolerance level for 1000’s of guests, noise, heat and stimulation has come to a crashing null in recent years. We will not talk of *L*’s “panic” attack at Disney world years ago, nor *V*’s antisocial personality when surrounded by 1000’s hyper people.  Do you sense something, do you think we could call it :” the cruiser bug”? As a matter of fact, we made it through the day, asked all the questions we needed to ask and still enjoyed ourselves. Let us give you a quick tour of our point of interests:

Island Packet dock.

Before we purchased our current boat, we were interested and looked at a 380 Island Packet, of course this was before we had our eyes set on catamarans! We even had placed an offer on one, but destiny was not on our side that time. It even seems like it was pushing us to look closer to the Catamaran, this is when we quickly came to realize that the price difference was “minimal” and made us multi huller instead. In the end we still bought a 380 just a different brand!

As soon as we step on the Estero model indoor, we were again under the charm. The finishes the qualities are just second to none. But one thing we had not done before, was set foot on a 485. Luckily we already have a boat although that would not be an issue in reality as this beauty costs 3 times the price of our present one! Which consequently would make it utterly out of reach for us… Still, we can appreciate such a piece of art, and a boat we would positively feel comfortable anywhere on.

Cruise RO Water maker

We had been following, Rich blog for a while now and were looking forward to meet with him and his water maker. There was no disappointment on our side, true to himself with his no frill product, Richard delivers what he promises and his price accordingly to the offer.

On another hand a cruiser himself, Rich knows that his well being really stands only by the reliability and support he brings to the product. Otherwise life on his vessel “Third Day” would be of poor quality for his family and him….

From our discussion, we got a good idea of the process of installation and setup of the module. Now if we could talk him into “sponsoring” us, you could be the recipient of a complete blow by blow with picture and video of the installation on this blog. And by now,  we all know that if I can do it,  anyone can!

Raymarine and Honda generator

This two are cases study in business behaviours : The attitude summarizes why some company  make the sale and some die.

Take the example of Raymarine, they lead the field and a lot of sailors have their products. Only because, the national sale team does a great job at selling them to the boat manufacturer.

Once at the booth and trying to get to the rep was elusive, try to get info was even more laughable. Don’t even get me going when we get into the technical aspect of thing, I was looking at the AIS and remote for autopilot, clueless except to show me a flyer. You make your own installation? Was the exclamation when I really try to drill some info out of them. That seems to be unheard off, in their world. Well, newsflash for all : Not all of us own a Mega yacht or call the dealer for an add-on to the system. Even if we take more time, the knowledge acquires may save us, once in a remote island.

Our competition is coming out with integrated product, great salesmanship and support, good luck to you!

Since we are on technical topics lets keep going and go for a visit to the Honda generator seller. May I advise you to look around on the net,  they are selling a product with no added value from them. A question I ponder on: Why do they insist on selling it for 15% more than your competition, plus local taxes 8.5%. And still claim it’s the best deal of the year at the show. No sale for them and adding on to that loss, the cost of the booth at the show. Sorry not worth the premium for me.

Life raft

I was looking around at the different offering to get familiar, when *V* tells me why are you interested in a life raft. Followed by the exchange going like this:

L: Sorry dear what do you mean?

V: We are not buying one anyway. If something happen it’s too late anyway.

L: Well I think it would be a good idea to have one, just in case.

The sweat from my fore head must have triggered the thermo imaging that *B* was playing with, he saw me glowing.

I know my wife is a risk taker, but never knew that much of it! Not to worry I will buy on discretely and tuck it in the lovely spot in the transom. “Follow me, if you like me!” a sentence I hope we will never have to use!… Oh Dear!

One last thing we discover was a little install on a displayed boat. A simple pulley system, to operate the zipper on the lazy jack, without having to go on  the top of our dodger.

So not a bad day after all, this reconfirmed our perception that we are on the right track. Also watching *K* and *C* on their last preparedness stage was another learning curve for us, and certainly very inspirational. *V* how long again before we leave???