December budget and our 6th Island

This month we came to quite a realization! When you are working like maniacs, and don’t have the time nor the energy to make it to the boat, you actually can save money! Isn’t it an amazing equation? This is what happened to us last month, we only did very few trips and we were extremely focused on work, this of course made it for a very slow month for the marine industry. Lucky for the merchants in the trade, our friends made it up for us, they were on the hard for a few weeks and therefore lightened their wallet!

Then again sadly,  we are not leaving in a few months South or North as they are, and are not yet in the departure mode. So we want to wish them “Good luck and all the best” on the various projects.

On the other end, let’s get back to our image postcard perfect for our dream, shall we? Today we are on Islas de la Bahia in Honduras. Eight islands and more than 60 cays, off the coast of Honduras.

The Bay Islands were first discovered by Christopher Columbus on his fourth voyage to America in 1502. They were later claimed, and successively held, by Great Britain, Spain, and the Dutch United Provinces.

England finally took control in 1643 and, with the exception of a one-month period of Spanish dominance in 1780, held onto them as a Crown colony, dependent on Jamaica. In 1860, in the aftermath of the William Walker filibustering affair, the British crown recognized Honduran sovereignty and ceded possession of them. The department of Islas de la Bahía was officially incorporated into the nation on 14 March 1872.