Coastal Navigation and how to get to Fakarava?

Last night was the first class of coastal navigation, 7:00pm sharp I was at the desk and ready. After a quick start the realization came abruptly, I am still on the learning curve and I have a lot to learn in quite a short period of time!

But fear not, I am ready to tackle this task as never. On the same token we have to do it if we want to be safe on water and understand the rules and regulations.  Although working to my disadvantage is a deep fear of  exams….. Panic takes control over my brain, and I lose all my abilities. Realistically, this was a few years ago and this time I am really doing for my own pleasure and my own knowledge! In other words, let’s get going!

A three week session should do the trick, or should it? Let’s not forget that orientation is not my forte! Luckily for us, we have a GPS on board and will carry some extra ones topped with *L*  with a 3D orientation more accurate than anybody else I know…. As we go through the weeks I will be sure to fill you in on some interesting facts I learn. Stay tuned!

Another question is popping up now: why are we doing all this? One thing for sure is it is so much fun to learn new things, but mostly because one of these days we want to be able to bring our Lagoon 380 to rest in Fakarava, Havaiki-te-araro. Havai’i or Farea is an atoll in the west of the Tuamotu group in French Polynesia. It is the second largest of the Tuamotu atolls. The nearest land is Toau Atoll, which lies 14 km to the northwest.

The shape of Fakarava Atoll is roughly rectangular, its length is 60 km and its width 21 km. Fakarava has a wide and deep lagoon with a surface of 1,112 km² and two passes. The main pass to enter the lagoon, located in its north-western end, is known as Passe Garuae and it is the largest pass in French Polynesia; the southern pass is called Tumakohua.

Fakarava has 701 inhabitants; the main village is called Rotoava.

Now you know why we want to do all this. We can actually picture ourselves jumping from the pier of the hotel Maitai! Would you not agree?