A great start of the year on the boat.

It was indeed a wonderful way to start the year! As some of you may wonder, we didn’t go sailing on that day, although temptation was close, similarly we felt that the fatigue factor was taking too much space in our bodies…. What did we do instead then?? We were in the marina having a feast on our boat, a feast that our sailing friends *L* and *S* prepared for us, we were invited for dinner on our boat! How splendid is that?

It was such a generous invitation, they arrived with a full dinner ready, already warm and had decided that we were to do NOTHING! So, we set the table and let the magic happen. *S*,  this was one great meal, a real treat, and  yes *L* we are not forgetting you, we know you also helped! *K* and *C* joined us with a wonderful trifle reminiscent of our years in England. The discussion was fun, bias toward our adventures and learning more about each other, such as: we all at one point enjoyed 200 mph sport and are now content with 8 knots surfing down. Evidently another thrill altogether!

We will miss you all once you leave in the spring or summer for cruising, but not to worry we may find cheap airline ticket, join you and learn a trick or two. Most definitely an incentive for us!

I tried to connect the famous cable but we will say that:”Too much wine caused the failure.”

For Island number 2 we have discovered some really small ones : Like the one on North Taranaki Coast – Near Tongaporutu- (New Zealand) On the image you can see two (formally three) 25 meter rock formations known as the “Three Sisters”. Next to the sisters is another formation called Elephant Rock, which as you can expect looks like an elephant! Another interesting fact is that at the turn of the century there were in fact four sisters, these once used to be arches which have collapsed since and left instead stacks… The sea is claiming them one by one, and makes it an ever changing coastline, there are many caves to explore nearby.

One of the places we look forward to visit at the end of the milk run. Let’s hope they are still around.