Training for the ITCZ on a Sunday morning! and Budget reviewed and done…

Most of our sailors friends, and in books we read often mention this : try and get the boat out in various conditions of weather and as much as you can!… Consequently as the weather looked so nice, and even if the sea was so calm! We only needed a small excuse to get out, and it didn’t take us long to get ready!  We were out to warm up the engine and to dry the sails! The wind was between 1-2 knots, so we decided to just let ourselves drift with the current. Lunch was served in the sun, with the dolphins coming and going around the boat. Most relaxing and  so worth it,  so much so that we suggested a quick swim, but no volunteer came forward : “Kids you are getting old.”

It was nice to see the reaction of the boat and just relax. So? that what the ITCZ looks like plus the squall and far away from land with limited diesel on board. Three days like that and I might start major maintenance. *V* can already hear me rummaging through my tools, and I can see her eyes raised to the ceiling…..  or simply that’s just the real learning curve? Who knows, we have all this to still experiment and look forward to!

Docking has become a little easier, loosing the monohull reflex was the first part. And, it’s a catch 22, because even if I am still shy to get too close to the dock, I need *V*  on the dock, but at the same time, you don’t want to touch it. Overall we are each of us, taking a good part in our jobs, and are getting much better at it, confidence is definitely growing! Let’s not forget, we have only one trial at a time, arrgh!  practice makes perfect they say!

I have updated the expense page: Note that this month was a quiet one. We are in the learning the boat stage, trying to realize what we really need in the long run, our minimalist life as officially began, and now our daughter is making fun of us….. But not to worry, I am already designing with help the solar panel setup! Gotta keep that brain of mine going!