This is just a reminder for when we’ll get bad day out cruising!!!!

You know that day, when the anchor will not want to hold, when the wind will be coming from the wrong direction, when the weather window doesn’t want to materialize or when your spouse is just not cooperating… Yes, that kind of a day! Well let’s just say life is not a nice magazine picture.

So on that particular day, please remember that you could be doing sewage rebuilding because there was some back flow the night before!!!

With our hands 8 hours  in the $#&@$#,  only a few hours of sleep, moping and thinking : “well if I was on a boat, that would be really bad!!” All that work, because we needed our team to work with their usual tool that night.  On a different note, our frustration was building up as we had originally planned to go to the boat, (our getaway sanity)  to relax in the sun.

Then again, let’s put everything back into prospective shall we? It could have been worse, like the holding tank! “Yes Dear of the dearest! but the lines are a lot shorter and it would mean, repairing our boat in an exotic place” Admittedly that would make it okay….

Oh, Yuck!