No trip to the south for us yet…. just enjoying the sunshine!

As the holidays are spinning around with a whirlwind of energy and activity, with families sitting around the dinner table, we simply decided it was time for us to unwind and relax one night on the boat! But not before enjoying our turkey dinner with close friends!  Of course we had hoped for a quiet dark night, with nobody around, but nature had other plans for us!?…. It was simply howling at 25 knots gusting 30 in the marina, needless to add we thought it was a good idea to stay at the dock ….

On the other hand, it was a perfect way to spend the day after a busy season : reading, playing cards with the kids and most of all getting used to the noise the rigging makes, when we have a stormy night! Overall it was a pretty rocky night but it didn’t seem to bother anyone, although one of us kept half an eye open!!

In the afternoon, *L* undertook the connection between the Icom and the Raymarine: ” How did it go?” is the first question coming into mind isn’t it? well,  I am happy to report it was a total failure for my first attempt!  One of the connection failed,and, the rest was an exercise of frustration. Although as in every practice there is always some positive point,  I discovered that you can take the six pin plug apart, my next task with be soldering and I am hopeful it will be a lot easier. In other words I am back to the drawing board , which makes us realize how much time it takes to get your boat ready, even if you haven’t really started on the big departure project!

The next morning, after a nice cup of hot chocolate as we were getting ready for a walk we discovered that some fibreglass had chipped around the base of a cleat. We quickly identified the problem: too much load on that specific cleat and adding onto that the wind force…. A fairly upsetting site for us, why did we not see it before?? Sometimes  you have to learn the hard way. A readjustment of line to draw from both hull, we re-distributed the force it should be okay. I see some fibre glass repair in the spring.

In the meantime, some good friends came over a few days ago and offered us this book :”Taking on the world” from Ellen MacArthur. A nice example of dedication, determination and perseverance; she has the guts and willingness to put everything on the line for her goal. A book I will try to get the kids to read… So if you are stuck on a cold boat unable to sail just keep the fires burning by reading.