No we are not gone, or forgot the login for the blog

T’is the season! also known as the busiest time of the year for our business….  Needless to say we are just running the best we can to keep on top of our game, and reality is:  we have to pay for all the expenses at one point, don’t we?!!

On the other hand, we still found some time to make a quick run to the boat yesterday, a superb occasion to relax enjoy lunch with the family. And last but not least, as a good husband I am, I had found the most romantic present for *V* and needed to pick it up. A dream has finally come true, an “All American 921 All-American Pressure canner“,  our presents are simply getting better with age…..

Just watch all those goodies that will come out of this one!

I also had time to remove the E120 and discover that the pigtail was installed for the NMEA 0183 so now I need to find time to learn to solder.

2 Replies to “No we are not gone, or forgot the login for the blog”

  1. Ken (in trouble) says:

    Now you have got me in trouble. What a thoughtfull husband you are to buy her a pressure cooker. It makes my gift of a vacuum pale in comparison. lol. What am I going to do now? Hope everyone has a great Christmas. See you soon.

  2. Well I have a few ideas for you Ken. Like getting the boat back in the water real soon LOL

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