New Year resolution, let’s try to see if we could do better.

Last year was not a success on that front, remember the post where we say we will not buy a boat until more money are saved, and we were hesitated between mono or multi, we were going to charter! etc..Ooops!

Well we did get a boat, and not a monohull as you all know by now!…

We did pretty much the opposite, so let’s try our luck a second year in a row.

So for this year, we think we should work things in the same direction, we never know what could happen:

  • We will not be cruising the sea of Cortez next Winter
  • We will not have the boat ready for blue water
  • We will not be able to sell everything so we  have enough money to retire forever
  • The kids will take responsibility for their actions and future (attention teenager alert!)
  • We will not enjoy this change of life and will come back to work quickly because we will miss it too much!

Wow ! What are they on?!…. you may wonder.

In the same token we’ll try to be more realistic. Let’s see where we could be in a year time? Might be more realistic…

  • We will try to sail the boat in 25-30 knots of wind.
  • We would love to spend a week away from the dock and sail 150 Nm away from home base.
  • Get the E120 connected to the Icom 604 for DSC purposes (come on! we need an easy one!), ( and let’s just add that this one is bringing a lot of frustrations at the moment!).
  • Have our “To Do list” of major projects completed
  • List 312 beautiful Islands on the blog or 6 per weeks just to inspire and learn what’s out there.
  • Have the galley nicely organized
  • Do some canning to learn the provisioning process

But most of all, we want to wish you all a very Happy New Year, and we wish it will bring you what you are looking for… or help you achieve that dream you keep on dreaming

Similarly we will add a legal disclaimer: “It will only apply if you work hard for it and plan really well or simply  just get plain lucky and make the rest of us envious”, in other word if you win the lottery don’t forget who told you!…

Let’s get to work we need to finish the year in style and start the new one hard at work. This rhythm did not enable us to help* K* and* C* move their boat yesterday, not the way we like to live life but yeah we need to follow our own motto above.