Warning : This post contains some sexual and gambling elements viewer discretions is advised!

There are few elements that make for an attractive and fun to read blog, some of them being disturbing contents, sexy photos, and humorous writing! Here we are bringing you on the verge of rated content, well not quite we are not wearing bikinis yet, nor in our 20s!! On the image below you will note that one of our kids thought it would be funny to snatch our camera while we were working on the batteries! So here you have it, a visual on our bums…. The exercise was to change the Xtreme pulser to the main bank and topp up the distilled water. Since we don’t live in a warm climate at the moment it makes for an easier task. *V* got her one on one tuition of the three banks, two chargers/inverter, one pulser and monitors. A bit of yoga boat was our exercise of the morning.

This picture didn’t pass the ATF censure process.

Our ride back home was fairly easy and smooth, basically the wind had died down and we motored all the way. Of course I needed to spice it up a bit and added a new challenge! In other words I thought it was the perfect time to do some sea repair, and my objective was : the toilet pump. Now I can sense from here a few smiles, and your skepticism, but I am proud to report I didn’t hurt myself, and it is working just fine. In fact, in no time the old pump was out and the new one in place! So much so, that we din’t have time to take a picture to show you!  On a technical point of view, the reality was pretty similar to what I read in other blogs, I had a fairly good idea of what to do. And also our cat is only 4 years old, lightly used which made for a hose and clamp easy to work with. So far so good, we cross our fingers we don’t have any more back flow!

Without a doubt it was a week-end of discovery, a wonderful way to reconnect with our loved ones, enjoy candlelight dinner and good laughs around dinner. But most of all, we now know how we will fund our cruising days! And we are happy to share with you our secret, we are opening an illegal blackjack table ( this is the disturbing content by the way…) Deep down, I always knew that one day working in a casino was going to pay big.  Here is the scoop: From now on,  all our guests need to bring $50 in quarter for the “shower” fund. After a few beers we may get the kids to start a game of war and smoothly turn it into a lucrative blackjack table. In any case, our 13 and 17 year old know how to deal and play black jack! Don’t tell us  you haven’t been warned… They are watching!

Don’t forget your quarters for the hot water shower!