M.O.B, we have a casualty today.

When the forecast today predicted beautiful weather, *V* and I didn’t have to procrastinate! We quickly packed up a lunch, jumped in our jeans and zoomed to the marina.

For *V* it was an opportunity to relax, and read and for *L* there was still the outboard engine that was tickling his curiosity….  some leads promise to solved the idling issue on the engine for the outboard. To put it differently it was the only excuse we found to go visit our cottage on water. Yet, “Murphy” had a different plan for us, and just wanted to remind us that we had  been too successful the last couple of time… What happened, you may wonder?

As we arrived, we had a couple of things to finish : We cleaned the bilges,  fridge water cool filter checked, small laminate ding repaired all was good, last bit of cleaning around the saloon, and then my attention turned to the Mercury!

It ran better than ever but was still hard on the idle, so the Mariner came out (it works like a charm by now), and we switched engine for a moment.

Which gave a good chance for *V* to practice on the dinghy, and have a little training session.  She enjoyed herself going around the marina, and relaxed for a bit. On her return, I decided to winterize that engine and put the other one back on! What happened next, happened so quickly I can barely remember….. A storm came up, with big waves breaking on the side of the boat, the rain, slippery dock blablabla…. I could go on…

Although it would be a wonderful story for the grandchildren, and they would think their granpa is a hero! No… No… Honestly, we were at the dock in placid water, I lost balance and was in the water in no time, *V* just had the time to rush in with fresh towel and clean clothes. And the casualty of the day, my beautiful new pair of glasses went for a swim to the bottom. Wet and cold I was!

Lesson learnt all glasses should always have some kind of string on. On a plus side, and due to past experience I didn’t carry any electronics on me.

During the day we received word that our new slip was available for us to move in, though at that point we decided that enough damage was done for one day!!!  We packed, got dressed with whatever was available and went home.

Did you know? the boat is surrounded with water.