Looking for a NMEA 0183 for two weeks, or the theory of relativity reviewed?

The rules of relativity or Albert Einstein reviewed?

Two events, simultaneous for one observer, may not be simultaneous for another observer if the observers are in relative motion: it goes the same way with boat projects! Everything is relative from one boat project to another boat job.  Admittedly, Albert Einstein is probably raising his eyebrows at the simplicity of my comparison, although quite realistic I may add! When you think you have a challenging task at hand, just look around you will find someone else dealing with another kind of challenge. And today I got a reality check.

Similarly, for good reasons, we never look at boat projects! (yet…) For one, I don’t have the manual abilities ( my hands don’t listen to my brain!)  and secondly, we don’t have the time resource to achieve such a feast – well at least for now- while  some of my compatriots do! This week-end, we rendered a quick visit to our friends K & C. We went to a boatyard, where they are doing work, and found out where some boats finish at the end of their life, or should I say before re-incarnation!  Because some are real piece of “J—k”,  but in the right hands working diligently  they might get a second chance back in the water. An overwhelming task indeed, but certainly to be applauded with respect!

Since we took possession of our own boat, we have been busy setting it up and fine tuning some systems. Sometimes quickly and with success while other times the solution is a little more hidden to the neophytes we are.

Let’s take a look at my latest endeavour, I have been investigating for 2 weeks to link the Raymarine E120 and the Icom M604. As we now have an MMSI number programmed, we want it linked to the GPS as well! So back to the manuals, to read and do my own research. A quick drawing revealed, that it was rather easily feasible. In fact it’s a five pin and a six pin with four cables. LOL yes it is rookie, but not that easy.

As you can see, my drawing  is looking rather wrinkly! As I am gathering informations, I take it everywhere with me, it almost looks like an old love letter, that you read and re-read everyday! And Icom doesn’t return the calls. This is where we illustrate the case or rather the rules of relativity, I think to myself : ” look around *L* this is an easy fix! don’t let frustration build up, relax, Everything is relative!” My dear friends *D* and *B* you’ve inspired me today, your project is a lot bigger, I wish you the Best for your voyage, you certainly have a good aeration system going, perfect for the tropic! lol

Finally, the last word goes to you *K* and *C*! In this picture you can see,  what you can do with a bit of imagination! You are ready four more zap ties and it’s solid to go offshore,  why bother with welding? And look at the bottom of the photo, can you see those socks? it gives it quite a charm!  I don’t know for resale but who cares?….

Then again, I couldn’t help to see a lagoon 380 with that setup on the market. Ingenious and inexpensive but…. not for us!