Halloween sail, trio of catamaran.

After all the work we have been putting into the boat, we have to enjoy it. Saturday night saw us rushing to the marina and sleep on the boat. In the morning after breakfast, a boat came along ours, surprise a catamaran. It was the veteran of the marina checking the new kids on the block. Coffee and mutual visits made for an educational morning, and most certainly a nice start of the day! We got to know better some expert in the field.

We were a little shy to get out only the four of us after our last docking experience, but peer pressure made the decision to get out easier. And it was certainly a great decision on our side, as all of a sudden three catamarans were sailing along, a rare feast around our part of the wood!  Some people must have thought the world was coming to an end.

We had company for dinner and wanted to get back in on time. The wind had pick up to a little higher than my comfort level, a stop at the fuel dock and a request for help yield 4 extra pair of hands. One of those two pair belongs to the owner of one of the catamaran, they cruised to New Zealand and back, that was the reassurance I needed. But because we had help, we were able to parallel drift the boat on the dock making it look like we had done it before. We again learned a lots and gain confidence one step at a time.

Dinner was served, trick or treat was improvised, looking a lot like a sailing/diver! a good day was to behold by all.

Rookie mistake of the day:

  • Feeling nervous at the helm and giving rather strong “direction” in a stern voice.

Bonus point:

  • A great crew,  looking forward to any day sailing, and willing to learn.

And that’s what learning and feeling challenged is all about! Getting on the edge, feeling a bit uncomfortable but just determined to do well, and learn!