Looking for a NMEA 0183 for two weeks, or the theory of relativity reviewed?

The rules of relativity or Albert Einstein reviewed? Two events, simultaneous for one observer, may not be simultaneous for another observer if the observers are in relative motion: it goes the same way with boat projects! Everything is relative from one boat project to another boat job.  Admittedly, Albert Einstein is probably raising his eyebrows […]

Snow Ice cold what to do?

When it comes to cold weather, especially blowing straight from the Arctic, one thing is definite : Our boat has never ever seen such bitterness cold….. particularly neither of us, at least in a long while! What a surprise when we were all getting ready for our quick Sunday sail! The dock was frozen, and […]

M.O.B, we have a casualty today.

When the forecast today predicted beautiful weather, *V* and I didn’t have to procrastinate! We quickly packed up a lunch, jumped in our jeans and zoomed to the marina. For *V* it was an opportunity to relax, and read and for *L* there was still the outboard engine that was tickling his curiosity….  some leads […]