Wine glasses are onboard, does it mean we are done…

The last few days have been fun, we emptied our home of all the items we have been collecting for the boat. From tools to cutlery everything is making its way onboard. Today I also got the dinghy legal by registering it. Tomorrow I will try to do the boat itself. We need to get the name after all, or we will have to really work hard on being creative and somewhat original again. And like our son would say  : “You named the boat after the blog…so get on it!”

At this point of our adventure, some of you might be starting to wonder; what happened to the “Expense log”? I know, I know it is one of those things that need updated…

By the way, you can take that smile  off your face, I know you shook my hand and welcomed me to the club….You, my friend…. lol it ‘s official…. We are Broke!!! I can see you smile from here, you know who I am talking about right? Then again, we all have a smile on our faces, and we hope it’s the fresh air, and the beauty of the sea, not out of the resignation.

So one more order from Defenders and Amazon and we are set for a while. The bank account is empty and we now need to gain knowledge on what we really need. Here is a list of things we bought, that were really necessary to get started:

  • Remote control for the two Xantrex, lifting the bunk to find out if all is ok is  not the easiest and for those vital components we need to keep an eye on them.
  • Electric heater for when we are plugged in. Yes, we wish for our darling daughter to share time with us, rather than in Starbucks with her friends!
  • Propane heater Mr Heaterwhen we are not. We are no dock queen, well we think anyway.
  • Dehumidifier, no mildew in this boat.
  • Non-Skid Deck Cleaner . A quick lesson on marine economy, local chandlery $24, local big store $13 and online $9 oops…
  • Pig tail to convert 50 Amp to 30 Amp you will think it’s easy. But when you don’t know, not that easy. Needed two trials. Now I know that you have 125v and 250 v receptacles.
  • Toggle switches to change the one in the shower this is still in progress. But I learn what is an On/Off and an On/Off/On are very different. I understand quickly, I just need to be explained a long time. * no smile please*

So nothing crazy and expensive like a brand new chart plotter, just the essentials to protect the investment.

You remember we took classes a few months back. The “little knowledge syndrome” raised its head again, not knowing how those batteries have been maintained ( added ½ gallon of distilled water for 5 battery when I took over) and charged been on a mooring. I invested into an Extreme pulser to clean up and bring them back to life. I will report in a few weeks how that went. I will do a benchmark testing with number and all, our  local guru swears by it, let see if I can see a difference…

But most importantly, we have reusable plates and wine glasses, no more of all that plastic!… Now we are set, we can relax life is complete…. Well not quite yet!  We just realized that the West Marine catalog has 200 pages, we haven’t looked at yet in detail, a bit like an Ikea catalog!