One step at a time, we climb the owner ladder.

We don’t quite realize it but we are now boat owners. Maybe the paralyzing aspect of the expenses don’t let our brains process the magnitude of the events, that took place in the last couple of months. But one step at a time we are making it our own.

So the final purchases at “Defender” are being made, and we should have a boat that we can call ours soon. Today I also ran around and found the latest piece of the puzzle for maintenance issues. First thing first is for us to climb the ladder of knowledge. We also need a real one, * a step ladder that is* so I purchased one to help everyone joining us on board…. Even with the moulded step in the hull those freeboards are high to reach for some guests.

The Defender order includes some HyperVent for under our mattresses to avoid condensation, the right pigtail (I hope), a new electrical 30 Amp shore cord (the one we have doesn’t lock to the plug), a toggle switch and a waterproofing boot for the pump in the shower, some lube for the winch (to be able to do maintenance on them) and finally some Startron to treat the diesel.

We also found the most affordable vendor of Yanmar in our part of the woods, and were able to order some supplies. This will enable us to perform maintenance on the oil in the next few months and immediately on the impeller. Those one have never been changed or at least never been recorded, so we need to focus our attention before we loose a blade.

I even went to the local AB dealer and found that a special attachment is needed to inflate the tube, so I got it. And finally I found the nylon washer to give some much needed separation on the SS bolt and the aluminum mast, which are starting to show some corrosion due to the difference in metals.

I feel that every boat owner reading the blog is smiling right about now… Our boat list is growing rapidly! But this is our way of putting a few good luck coins in our lucky box. This is a theory I apply for maintenance issue, take care of the details and it will take care of you when you really need it. Preventive maintenance is cheaper than repairing a broken item.

One more round and we are set for a while….. Last famous word I hope not.