La Linea in the morning, shopping in the afternoon.

Objective for the day is to make it back to the US! So early, we jumped on the local bus from Ensenada to the border, and even had the luxury to “enjoy” a Mexican a movie to be remembered for ever… The sex violence and general morale would not make it programmable, even late at night in lots of other country.

After a short walk in a rather rough neighbourhood, that I would not advise anybody to stroll after dark, we were lining up for the line. I would say it was an interesting experience to be waiting with pharmacy’s vendors and the scammers obviously working the trade.

After a 40 minute wait, we were allowed back in the US by one of the most relaxed officer, I have met in years. We tested the very good San Diego transit system and in no time, were checked in at the hotel.

Shelter island was our next destination.
I had made the reservation online and remembered that few days ago as we were trying to logon on the internet, we were actually using theirs! quite ironic… The room couldn’t have been closer to the mooring, we had used a few days back. Thank you again.

This afternoon was a fun expedition, we were browsing in the streets and from chandlery to chandlery one more interesting than the other…. You could see every product you always wanted and meet lots of the importers directly. We were like a group of teenagers, let loose in a mall except we were not screaming.

The night came in quickly, with darkness settling in. With this, meant bedtime…. okay okay! don’t make fun of me kids! it ‘s just, I already feel it is going to be hard to get back to reality!….