In Mexico water at last.

Early departure : En route for Ensenada. The overachievers that we are, are ready, and at 6 am the boat is on the move. :”Thank you for the mooring whoever you are.”As you can tell by the picture, it took a minute to cross one monster truck, to be greeted by the mandatory pod of dolphins and we headed south, beautiful sunshine as we entered Mexican water, for a minute though,  because we got engulfed into a nice blanket of fog for the rest of the trip. Otherwise it would feel like we are in a movie!

On another note, for the people who are reading this and following us,  you will remember my post from a few months ago. I will refresh you, it was some month ago when we had the drain under our sink clogged and as I was fixing it I thought the drains should be shorter and easier to unblock on a boat compare to a home. Well we are going to test that theory very soon, one of the drain on the boat is blocked! Not an important one but still, we need to get it moving. Last night our attempts were fruitless, I only succeeded in separating it of the drain, dropping the water in the bilge and we will have to reattach it in an absolutely unreachable position, yoga boat again… We will keep you posted on the progress.

This was literally the line between the US and Mexico’s border, the sun even demarcates it on the water. But not for long.

Fog Fog Fog… did we bring it with us, it’s crazy the radar was our best friend. Then about, one hour out of Ensenada. Thunder started, the radar became solid. Our electronic was confused…no we are not on land as the right part of the screen will suggest, we are just surrounded by a huge thunderstorm cell. At that point we had made the decision to get into Coral Marina 3 miles before Ensenada if it was not improving. The bolt that came down very close to the boat helped ease the turn rather quickly!  We were not going to stay on the water to find out the lightening bonding system of the Lagoon 380…

As we were getting closer, it had turned into torrential rain,  it was just to justify us bringing the foul gear. Welcome to Mexico under the rain! Hey, we didn’t sign up for this?

Once the rain subdued, I went to the marina office to pay the exorbitant rate of $70 a night this is extortion at its best. Lesson learnt for next time.

And back to the task of the day! The Drain, I have the feeling you were starting to wonder if I had forgotten about it. After a bit of poking with a stick and high water pressure via the garden hose, the water was pouring out like a charm I told you it was easier. But then the fun only started when K’s  long and skinny arm added with his persistence helped. The drain is located in the middle of the floor so you can imagine, to get that hose re-attached and a clam fitted again was not the easy feast! Yoga boat again….

We also got the dinghy out in the water for a test run, we knew at survey that the engine was not keeping idle. It’s a brand new one so it has never been run really, it took some adjusting the throttle, we nearly got it… Though we had to stop, we were welcomed in the neighbourhood by all our neighbours. We didn’t want to be the new ones, with the kids playing with the car in the driveway during sundown… Let everyone enjoy the evening!