Baja Naval Ensenada, documentation day.

After yesterday pit stop, we made it to our final destination on this trip. Not exotic neither charming, Ensenada is a port of entry with the entire attribute. The influence of the states is palpable, we are not in Mexico really but in California del south. All price get quoted in both currency, and there is more types of cuisine available that in suburbia.

After figuring where the marina was, and docking ourselves due to the lack of VHF response! we made our way to the bureaucrats’ net. Luckily for us they are all located in the same office,  which makes for a rather quick process. Still it took the better part of 2 hours to get everything in order. The entire process is finalized by the push of a button for custom, on the random jackpot machine. A device that only Vegas could have dreamed off, a red and green light you press and randomly some people get picked for second inspection. We got the clear light we are out of here.

A walk through the city, confirmed our first impression. Prostitution, dancing girls bar and bad fancy restaurant are the cocktail coming from a city with money and not coming from the hard work in the field.

So next time around let’s plan to be here early, spend the night and run quickly out of here. For now we are waiting for yacht path, the boat shall be here on Sunday noon loading time 2.30.

This photo summarizes how the first impression is always important. So for Ensenada, if you want to be in the heart of the action Cruiser Port, Marina Coral is 3 miles out nice but need a car to get into town, for a pit stop Baja Naval.