A nice sail, new video and September budget.

Finding time is hard, but reality let me loose for a few minutes, so I was able to edit the video and update our September budget.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and we all enjoyed being back sailing, even with just a 5 knot wind and a flat sea. This made for a relaxing day, the sun was around we were all on the trampoline getting our vitamin D fix!. Our friend M was around, as our sailing adviser/mentor, he had also brought along his two-year old daughter. This is what it’s all about for us:  relaxation,  getting use to the boat, and being together as a family, and sharing with our friends. We were visited by another catamaran and we chitchatted for a good ten minutes, all out on the deck,  next to each other in the middle of the water, a pretty neat scenery, and certainly another way to meet new people … We came back closed haul at a respectable 2.5 knots.

V got the boat back into the marina for the first time, though docking was a lot more stressful and made us realized that for just the two of us,  is really tricky… Even if we can now execute a 180 degree turn with no problem, berthing the beast with the wind against us in 42 ft is nearly impossible.  At least for the time being, this is with my level of expertise, meaning not a lot, and leaving me room to improve. But even the experts agreed that:  the beam of the large powerboat up front and the rather protuberant anchor behind, all make for a very acute angle to get in. It basically is a parallel parking in a very tight angle, and with all the eyes out in the marina staring at you…. Remember those first days learning in a driving school, well, same feeling! In the end, we resorted to raft to our neighbour and hand steer it in.  But even then the anchor wrestling by two adults was rather disturbing. Assistance has been required to ask for help on that dilemma. To be continued….

Dolphins were spotted but nothing like the video. We really need to get back to warmer water. Patience… Patience

Due to having all the lines coming back to the cockpit, this makes for a rather impressive pics. It makes you realize that just shooting release the red line a confusing command to anybody else than you. Training is good and we are getting into a good routine, each child has duties for departure and arrival. V is getting the hang of it on the different procedure.

And to conclude on a lovely day, there is no better way than a pot luck on NM. Thanks for having us onboard the BBQ salmon was perfect, V your pizza was amazing. As every time we are down there, by 9pm we were all in bed, and the cruiser curfew was respected.

Early and cold start of the day was on the program this morning, but the reward was right in front of us. What better way than getting ready for school or work than a spectacular sunrise!