We have a deal, thank you JP and L.

As you can just imagine, we have been biting our nails during those last few days! Deal or no deal? You don’t really want to think about it, but all you do is actually thinking about it! Especially when you are so close…. So there you go we are very happy boat owner, and one step closer to our sailing dream, hard to believe even!

We finally got the last paper signed back from the P.O., I was joking with the broker that I understand why they get 10%! It was a very interesting negotiation, and here again we learned a lot!  Now on to the next stage, we need to concentrate, on the small repair to the sail drive, antifouling paint and most importantly transportation.

Every one here is ecstatic of course, and can’t wait to see her!

With no further due let me introduce you to : Letitgo our new to us Lagoon 380S2 2007.

Video of : Survey Lagoon 380