Some of you, may wonder….

What do you do on your birthday when you are celebrating alone?

No I didn’t party hard with an Orange County wife, although not a neglect to the eye of the expert, I must say with all these ladies I was able to see last night! Oh Darling, what are you thinking? But first thing first, I allowed myself  an early well deserved night out, and took off  by 5pm.

After the mandatory stop to my favorite wireless hot spot : “thank you the little inn in the bay”. I went and strolled down the beach for sunset, it was busy with families and surfers. To my surprise the water was not that warm and they all wear bodysuit : “i’ts not what it used to be.”

As I was preparing for my night out, I had been recommended a sushi place, but when I arrived not one soul in the place. It’s creepy enough to dine solo, but being the only one another story all together. Finally I remembered, we had eyed a little wine bar on our last trip. So Monday night was  football night  and the local fauna made for a fun evening, 3 glasses of wine a shitake mushroom crustini, a flatbread and I was done, a beautiful meal indeed.

Wait Darling:  no birthday cake for a special day? no I didn’t want to endure the singing with all the sparkles and everyone around me in a restaurant and then having to eat a bad chocolate cake. Instead, I had a better idea : I treated myself to a frozen yogurt but not any frozen one. The legendary golden spoon, a local institution : 10 flavors! mine had my name all over it – peanut butter -. I have been looking for 20 years for a PB low fat frozen yogurt. Thank you Golden spoon.

And for those who are wondering, I didn’t have any difficulty with the ladder, thank you very much!