Quotes: repair, insurance, mooring and funds….

It’s official, the race is now on!… We are preparing for possession, the reality is finally setting in, it is a time for organization and being ready for the arrival of our second home. At this point our family really thinks we are nuts, two weeks from today, we will have full responsibility. The good thing is that most of the people we contacted or I should say “bugged” for the last six months with our questions, and requests know us by our first name…

For those of you who will be reading this blog at a later date and want to know what we went through. Here it comes, in no particular order the draft.

  • Insurance
  • Transportation
  • USCG
  • Travel arrangement
  • Fund availability
  • Title and disbursement agency
  • Repair quote
  • Equipment list, just the essential
  • Timeline of event
  • Help for sailing
  • Custom broker after transportation
  • Boat list of repair

I am sure we forgot something, but you will read about it in the next few weeks.

So the plan is to have the boat, anti fouled and the sail drive repair in Newport Beach. Then move it to Ensenada to get on Yacht Path. Easy, it just money….