Photo shop or not?

No photo shop is done on this picture, it is not a trick! 

Yet we are in Sunny California… not near San-Fransisco either,  and it is not May or June weather… or may be it is simply our eyes and we are not quite awake yet! But when we openned our curtains this morning this is what we saw : a thick soup, giving no visibility what so ever… 


A quick cup of tea, a stop at the pastry shop, and we are on our way to the marina. We set foot at 8.30am on the boat and started the survey, then haul out, sea trial, and then more survey, finishing at 5.30pm with a beer to contemplate our options. It resumed a 9 hour day with more people on the boat than she probably ever saw in her lifetime! 

We had a surveyor from San Diego area, who used the usual strategy in a classic survey: linear from stern to bow  going through the deck and below in sequence. Every system was tested and any potential issues were inspected. For us still new at the sailing life, you would think it is an easy task! well not so… attention to detail is the key, and on a boat you have a lots of little corners that can hide a big expensive detail, or a major repair.




End result of those 9 hours? There is some rust around the mixing elbow, a bit of corrosion on some connection. We will pass on the zebra bottom that needs to be redone anyway.

But the big one is some water in one of the sail drive. This can entail a $600 seal repair or a complete change at the cost of $5000. Mechanical inspection has been decided on, we need to know the extent of the internal damage.

Negotiations are continuing patiently, to see if we can come to a positive conclusion.