Learning the Island Time, cruising style.

You have to relax it will happen, just enjoy the day. Yes I said it, no time for adjustment you need to get in the frame of mind immediately. But first let’s post some pics from yesterday, it was the big day after all.

Rick the previous owner, consulting the paperwork and taking the boat out.

Yes! ” we are 5 miles out..” which means international water and the delivery can take place.

Final paperworks with newspaper for proof of date.

Now let’s turn that boat around and start sailing, we came back with full sail 10-12 knots of wind and did a very respectable 7 knots. Back to the dock, next to the boat yard waiting for tomorrow morning.

That was for yesterday, this morning at 8:00am the  haul out was originally planned. So at 7:00am it’s wake up time, a quick trip to the washroom for a “cruiser” shower,  in the sink…. a quick breakfast with an amazing view.

Its noon now, I am relaxing writing this blog and waiting for the haul out to happen. A little like Island time,  which means get into that  “cruiser’s mode” it’s now time to relax Letitgo and simply enjoy life, savor the moment. As you know, for me type A personality this is an exception not the norm. Let’s not get carried away here.

No don’t worry it’s not our prop, and I didn’t decide to change the paint color!  This is the one of a cigarette type boat. Actually he has two of those linked to some Hundreds of Horsepower engines. To travel from the coast to Avalon it only takes 20 minutes, I can just imagine the fuel bill that goes with it.

The beast called Little terrible.

Finally at 3pm, we are out of the water. Dropped on blocks, ready for the next stage. The mechanic didn’t waste time to remove the prop, drain the sail drive and open it. The good news is that we have no corrosion on the case, but some busted seals due to a plastic bag.

My job for the next three hours? or should I say my goal : Cleaning the rusted clam shell (no pics), and the rust stain on the gel coat. Let’s just point out,  it is a fun rewarding chore and makes you a proud owner.

Those were one of the only cosmetic issues, with the boat. I just tried to get them done before we start the bottom paint. Also topped up the battery with distilled water and then realized that the charger was not on when plug in.

Mexican food for dinner one pacifico and bed time my eyes are closing.