How do we move a sailboat thousands of miles in 5 days?

Really easy, you phone yacht Path and make a reservation on the next boat they have in your area and you are done. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

Some family member of ours, have asked us :” But the boat is far away are you going to sail it back?” Good question,  we could sail it home,  but let’s not be foolish, we have no experience on the boat in those waters and realistically it’s not setup for blue water cruising yet. Second option could be hiring a crew, but it would be to bash its way up the coast or all the way to Hawaii it doesn’t make sense.

That’s how Yacht Path came in the picture. We have been in contact with them for a long time now,  and are starting to know the schedule. For us this decision was made even before, we finalized the deal. Four e-mails one wire and we received today the bill paid receipt. So it’s for real, isn’t it?

Now we are awaiting the daily e-mail with the updated timeline with anxiety. They are running well ahead of the original schedule, and will put the boat here before we can be back. Thanks god we have lots of capable friends here to pick it up and bring it back to its slip.

If you wish to watch a video of their work, visit scroll down and Play video. It all seem so simple when you watch it, but like everything in life : expertise and preparedness is key!

Ok now to you know the drill let’s share with you the moment, we don’t want to see ever.