A day like no other… A reminder for ourselves that life is to be enjoyed NOW!

Today was supposed to be a day of celebration, or at least a big one in our book. The money is gone out of the bank account in escrow. So it’s for real, no way out of it.

But destiny took a different twist for this day unfortunately. This morning early we received a call, but we missed it. On the call display we could see it was from home, but we didn’t recognize it. We never do this, but I called the number and ask if they had tried to reach us. The lady said yes and informed us that my best friend had a major heart attack and was in the coma. His wife couldn’t come to grip to call us and had asked her to get in contact.

WOW, 49 years old in great shape didn’t abuse life, just live it. A shock is a mild word, it was his birthday last Thursday but with the hours difference and our crazy schedule. I missed the day, and simply let time slip away between my fingers. We had talked about it yesterday, and we were to call them early afternoon. Unfortunately, I didn’t reach him on time. I am now expecting a call, any minute now to inform me that he has passed away.

Some people call it a sign, some will give it a religious connotation. We will just say that this day is for you Jean-Jean, thank you for being such a great friend. Thank you, for your mentorship at an early stage of my career, thank you for never cutting the bridge even when we moved far away.

All our thoughts are with you Virginie and Capucine. We had hoped to cruise in your harbour, walk in your establishment and surprise Jean-Jean waiting for the customer. It will not happen as planned, instead we will have a party in memory of a great life.

For all of us, it’s a cruel reminder that life can be taken away in a second. So let’s enjoy it to the fullest.

Or Live today as if it was your last day,

Let’s buy a boat, let’s go cruising…. Wait we just did today,

This one is for you my friend.