5 day of haul out.

Today is a big day on two counts : If everything goes well we should be back in the water tonight and…. it’s my birthday. An exciting day for us indeed, and I just can’t wait to see everything come together.

Over the weekend, I tried to troubleshoot the original charger, unsuccessfully, so I  asked the foreman here to have a look. We tracked the cable, found the fuse, but…. nothing. This charger had the enviable task of taking care of the engine starting battery. So the decision was made to bring in somebody who has a better idea on how these work.

I took 10 minutes to get the charger in pieces, the main internal AC fuse was out and replaced. When we switched on the breaker, there was a fizzing sound,  smoke and pop was the noise that greeted us. Not such a great news, is it? Then on a bright side I now know what what my birthday present is! Don’t look anymore “Darling”! I will unwrap tomorrow a brand new Xantrex – Truecharge2 20A A win win situation really!

Thank you all for the generosity, and your constant support to my technical abilities…

In the mean time, I learnt how to change the rubber seal and o-ring on the lower sail drive, everything is back in place looking good.

Did I tell you:  it’s hot, around here? It went to 109F a little bit inland. Lucky for here the wind keeps it nice and cool at 95F.

The clam shell and charger are in, the sail drives are painted. We now have one thing left for tomorrow before we can get back in the water install the shell. The charger can be done in the water.

The boat and I will spend another night on the hard,  doesn’t she look beautiful?

Right now it’s party time! it ‘s my birthday after all. Hola amigo think twice, do you want to go up that ladder in any other shape than sober?