We need to see clearly from far away, Fujinon it is.

My birthday approaching quickly, I decided that there was no better present than a good pair of binocular. Remember we don’t buy if we can’t take it on the boat motto. Thank you everybody for this magnificent present.

After multiple researches in person and on the web, we realized those binoculars are really price sensitive. We look through some cheap ones and some expensive one, yes you can see a difference no question. Plus the cheap one, if they get dropped or bang they get out of alignment and are worthless from there on.

When we went cruising in July, I realized quickly that this instrument is part of the safety equipment. We had a pair of average one on board and in low light we couldn’t make out some of the buoy shape or color. It not then, that you run to West Marine to buy a better pair. Practical sailor was consulted and the forum where again a source of amazing knowledge.

After going back and forward between Steiner and Fujinon. The Japanese win and a pair of Fujinon Polaris 7 x 50 FMTRC were selected. With the help of the internet, and the rapid courier transportation we enjoy in our country. A week later I had my eye riveted to them. I quickly realize that, yes you can see clearly at what coming to you in the future. On a slow moving boat anyway, too bad they don’t have the same one for life in general.