Blogging controversy, some people need a life.

We are well aware, that a lot of us on this planet have issuesssss, and as we were reading our favourite sailing forum, we can see that this niche market of people is not immuned.

A month ago we discovered two blogs, written by “younger” ( that’s how we will refer to them)… In this term read : not old rancid, frustrated, want to retired but can’t! “I have dreamed all my life to go offshore but… now I am too old to do it.” As you can probably imagine, the content of those “younger’s blog” is fun, full of energy and they are actually doing what a lot of people are just dreaming of doing. Fair enough!

I think that’s what get some people upset, realizing that they will never make it past their armchair to their cockpit sailing, in my opinion they are forum and posting “experts”, not too much wind there, and the chair is actually quite… comfortable!

So when our “youngers”  jumped in the arena of the classic forum to introduce themselves, they got pounded on for being too sexy, too naive, and classified as “you didn’t pay your due, so how come you are doing this?!”. Next thing you know, they are being told : Anyway you will die you don’t know anything!

Well armchair bitter sailors, I have only one thing to say: I am delighted that for once I will be able to enjoy a blog that I can relate to, comprehend the reading because they don’t use all the technical term just to impress. And finally, no overweight, old people in Speedo or bikini on the beach pics. What else can we ask for?

So with no further due, let me recommend some reading for you. Finally, we are not the only one doing it, a lot of people are and they actually even appear “normal” to us.

Brittany and Scott have just finished the retrofit of their boat. The only last and hardest step is needed: Cut the dock lines.


Taru and Alex are in the same stage but an ocean away and did I say that the visual aid are always welcome (Let see how long it take before I get a smacked…)

The world tour

Funny enough they have the same brand name and size of boat and use the same Blog site. It’s a conspiracy, they are not for real. You were right all along forum “expert” I got dupe. Still please keep those blog alive and updated, the four of you we enjoy reading them.