Let’s get on with the last preparation, for the ocean cruising next week.

One week from now and I will be sailing the water of the pacific, not the tropic one but nevertheless the blue water of this big ocean. We have been meeting for a while now, emails have been exchanged and the last preparations are under way.

My mini cruise of a couple of week ago was very instructive, I now have a better idea of what to pack. More warm clothes, the right pair of shoes. Finally every crew is responsible for three days worst of provisioning onboard.

My menu are written, provision list made, it just feel like at work. Wait a minute, let me check the forecast thanks. The 14 days trend still looks good, let’s hope it keep that way. Yes I know it’s not worth the internet page it’s written on.

I had set up the ability to post via e-mail but my last attempt was a failure, so I will make a note to have a look at it again. Just to give raw impression of the experience. In the mean time the weather is perfect here and we will be going sailing on our small catamaran. Let’s go and enjoy.