How do you save a boat from the concrete wall?

We were assembling for a cruiser meeting at the local live aboard marina, enjoying the sun on the deck. When one member said “Shall we do something about the drifting boat” the joke was too obvious so nobody paid attention.

Low and behold a few minutes later some of us witness the offending boat, a C&C 30 drifting rather quickly toward the concrete retaining wall, on the other side of the marina. The idea of a boat drifting like a beer can against a rugged wall and finally resting against a concrete pier, was not to the picture perfect evening we all had in mind.

A quick call on the VHF to the coast guard, to advice them of the offender didn’t yield any action. So two dinghies got loaded and the experience sailor got the situation under control in no time. I the action I learned how to raft a dinghy to a boat to tow it. That when the local police show up, we let them do the muscle work with their bigger engine.

One the anchor was raised we discovered the corporate, the chain had tangle itself on the Bruce. No snubber used result was the verdict, shaking their head announced the old salt.

It took a few attempts due in part to the proximity of boat from member of the club. Those were not willing to bet on the anchor of the invisible owner. 15 minutes later, we were done. Back at the lounge we admire the boat rotating at anchor under high tide.

This re-enforce my belief, that the more you immerse yourself with a group of like minded person, you always learn something new every time.

If anybody remembers, we bought a lottery ticket last week. Well to our surprise we didn’t win, so we will have to work a little longer. Dam it.