Why in high wind you don’t enter the Bar.

Last week we did a 4 days road trip along part of the Oregon coast. We did a few marine shop visits, tried to arrange the viewing of a Seawind 1160 but couldn’t make it work. You see I told you we didn’t forget about the sailing lifestyle.

We always hear that the USCG will close the bar at the entrance of lots of the port or river, when the wind is starting to get over 30-40 knots. Well we understood why, when we look over the Columbia River entrance. This picture is worth a lots of word just imagine the ride.

And that day was calm weather wind 10 knots nothing special. The sand bars at the end don’t make it easier either. The fisherman knows the fish are in a dead end no escape possible.


Not the coast you want to be in, if you don’t have any more steering. Those rocks are everywhere and the winds seem to be coming from only one direction from the sea, looking at way the tree are growing. That when you appreciate the old saying that sea room is good on Lee shore.