Always remember, what matter is that we are on the water!

That sentence was the motto of this mini cruise. Even if the wind was not with us, I was able to have fun and learn a few tricks.

My friend M invited me to crew on C for the week-end. The task was to bring it back from the Island to mainland, a nice taste of the water, fauna and one amazing anchorage. The wind let us raise the sail twice but with no really speeds, so the iron genie was with us all the way pretty much. I teased him that the sail were there for decoration after all.

What a sunset for a first visit to their favourite anchorage. We relaxed enjoyed a nice dinner and camaraderie. The next day we experience the tide current and eddies made for an interesting ride. We at some point lost 5 knots to them over the ground compare to the speed on the knots meter. But the experience of the captain made for an enjoyable trip. I also got a better idea what to pack for my longer crewing opportunity.

One more point for a bigger boat, I am not 20 anymore and can’t sleep on a bunk the same size as me. I need a bed.