Addicted to another blog, Sequitur.

Before we list and recommend a blog we like to read it for a while. This is just what we did with Sequitur’s one. We have been following them and really enjoy the detail narration of their adventure.

Not only do they relate the good time, but also the not so fun time. This makes it a good source of lessons for wannabe cruiser like us. The only warning we have is that, you may gain weight by reading all the fabulous meals they have on board and will need a bigger boat for all the next toys.

Enjoy the reading the picture. They are having fun that what matter the most. Sequitur Hunter 50 the blog

And the meaning of the name


Definition from Wiktionary, a free dictionary


From the Latin sequitur (“it follows”), the third person form of sequor (“I follow”).

sequitur (plural sequiturs or sequuntur)

  1. A logical conclusion or consequence of facts.